Lake Kivu (Rwanda) - Washed


Lemongrass, Jasmine & Red Fruit Notes

12oz Coffee Beans, Directly Sourced

Type: Whole Bean
Roast: Light
Varietal: Bourbon
Body: Medium and Balanced
Harvest: October 2019 
Elevation: 1,750 - 1,920 meters above sea level

The story of the beans:
Known as “the land of a thousand hills,” Rwanda’s high altitude, abundant rainfall, and lush landscape provide ideal conditions for coffee cultivation. Smallholder coffee farmers here also grow vegetables, fruits, nuts and more, producing fresh, vibrant flavors that find their way into always memorable beans. There’s also high drama in the mountain setting: Lake Kivu, the Great Lake from which our Kanyege and Nyumymuba varietals originate, feels like an African Shangri-la — but with a CO₂ concentration that explodes every millennia. (Google limnic eruption.) For more on these beans and Kivu, click here.
Artwork by Ysemay Dercon

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