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The Relativity Blend

In 1905, at the ripe age of 26, Albert Einstein published four academic papers that so transformed modern science, they became known as the annus mirabilis— ‘the miraculous year’. His publishing output included important discoveries concerning the photoelectric effect, Brownian motion, the special theory of relativity, and his famous E = mc2 equation.

No doubt, it was an extraordinary burst of genius. 

Thirty years later, he was nestled in a house in Princeton, just half a mile from the future home of Sakrid Coffee Roasters. Being students of our hometown history (and just plain old fans of good-natured genius), we named our espresso blend in Uncle Albert’s honor. Here’s why:

Great blends are a combination of science and sensibility, depending in equal measure on roasting expertise and simple good taste. (Okay, maybe Einstein was a tea drinker, but you get the point — it’s science + art.)

There’s a bit of sorcery in making a good blend — it’s two parts Rwandan bourbon, one part Peruvian typicia, and so on. To get it right, we’ve got a simple theory: there’s only one proper way to roast coffee — by getting your genius on.

So for those seeking a great fusion cup, we bring you the Relativity Blend. We roast it locally so we can fuss over it more. We curate the best global beans because fresh, interesting blends matter. And we call it the Relativity Blend because it is a kinetic force, constantly being reinvented based on what’s on hand.

Editor's Note: And just to be clear — had Sakrid been around during Einsteins two decades in Princeton, we’re confident he would have been an espresso man.

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